French Trade marks

French Trade Marks Law in France

Trade marks are particularly well protected in France, not least because France enjoys the reputation of producing some of the world’s most luxurious goods.

The French codified statute ‘Le code de la propriété intellectuelle’ sets out to protect distinctive brands or names, many of which are household names throughout the world and which are very valuable indeed.

The principal requirements to enable a particular trade mark to be protected include :

– trade marks must not be a word or image which is immoral or contrary to public order

– trade marks must not be a word or image likely to confuse or deceive third parties

– trade marks must be clearly distinctive and enable the identification of a particular product or service compared to like articles

– trade marks must not be a word or image already having been taken or protected by others

Trade marks constitute a particularly complex area of French Law and the greatest care should be exercised in this field.
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