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This page does not set out to give anything other than a glimpse of certain aspects of this area of French Law and professional advice should always be sought from a duly specialised French practitioner prior to undertaking any steps whatsoever.

French Construction Law

Statutory liability of the ‘constructeur’ at French law

  • Legal concept of what constitutes an “ouvrage” or “works”
  • Statutory presumption of ipso jure liability
  • Possibilities of being exonerated from presumption of liability (force majeure, fait du tiers, faute du maître d’ouvrage)

Special French regime of building construction insurance

  • garantie décennale
  • garantie biennale
  • gestion des sinistres

French law concept of “Réception”

  • Réception amiable
  • Réception judiciaire
  • Effets de la réception

Special French regime for sub-contractors

  • Agreement et acceptation des sous-traitants
  • Paiement direct
  • Action directe

French law concept of “Expertise”

  • Expertise assurance
  • Expertise judiciaire

Litigation in construction matters in France

  • Vital importance of written submissions during pre-trial procedure
  • Relative weight of oral advocacy at trial
  • Recovery of costs and fees by winning party
French Constuction Law

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